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Your chance to network and connect over common issues professional bodies face.

PARN runs a number of SIGs (Special Interest Groups) for our members - see the navigation on the left of your screen or click the logos below to see details of the SIGs that are currently available to our members.

By running special interest groups (SIGs), we encourage dialogue among our members and disseminate knowledge and understanding about best practice among professional bodies.

Each of our special interest groups meets two to three times each year. Sometimes this is in the form of a free meeting or it may be a more structured briefing event that has a small attendance fee. Often there are workshop sessions that create outputs which are published and shared within the group.

Visit our Events to check for upcoming SIG meetings.



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For more information, call us on 0117 929 4515 or e-mail us at events@parnglobal.com
Staff from our member organisations are welcome to join our special interest groups.