Would our CPD course be good for you?

PARN Global News Article - 10 July 2012

Would our CPD course be good for you?

Would our CPD course be good for you?

Our CPD training course Developing and Managing CPD has now been running for over a year, and we have delivered it four times in different locations including Edinburgh.

Developing and Managing CPDis relevant to a wide variety of sectors and a range of job positions within professional bodies.

It encourages strategic thinking on CPD, particularly focusing on how CPD is organised in the professional body sector and how it impacts on members and other stakeholders.

Along with the nine other training courses PARN is offering, this course contributes to raising the standard of management in the professional body sector as a whole.

Who's been on our CPD course so far?

A total of 43 delegates have attended the course from 33 different professional bodies. These professional bodies are from a wide range of sectors, the most common being Law, Finance, Medical/Health, Business/Management, Arts/Creative and Science.

Some organisations have sent their entire CPD team along to the course! Most commonly, delegates on this course are:

  • Managers (16)
  • Directors (4)
  • Officers (4)
  • Heads (6)
  • Coordinators (3)
  • CEOs (2)
  • Chairs (2)
  • Assistants (2)

Other job titles included Executive, Administrator, Specialist and Solicitor.

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