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PARN Global News Article - 5 January 2011

What's new on PARNPeople - Latest blogs, discussions and resources

What's new on PARNPeople - Latest blogs, discussions and resources

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Blogs: Commentary to get you thinking

Thoughts from the Sector

•Prospects for self-regulation (Is the move in the UK towards self-regulation and autonomy apparent in other countries?)
•E-learning - What's new? (Are the basic principles of e-learning still the same?)
•A good read - a gap 'twixt ethics theory and practice (Does the theory of ethics fit with what we see in practice?)
•Are employers turning their back on professional bodies' membership? (Is now the time for professional bodies to forge stronger relationships with employers?)

Discussions: Questions that have people talking…

Membership - What are the essential functionalities of a membership Database? What metrics do you use to measure membership performance?


•Mentoring - Is there a strategic fit?

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