Welcome to PARN, EACR!

PARN Global News Article - 1 April 2016

Welcome to PARN, EACR!

Welcome to PARN, EACR!

We’re pleased to welcome our newest member, the European Association for Cancer Research (EACR)!

With over 9,000 members, the ‘European Association for Cancer Research’, founded in 1968, is Europe’s largest member society for cancer research. The Association enjoys particularly strong links with other European cancer societies and is a founder member of the European Cancer Organisation (ECCO).

EACR has always had one guiding aim ‘The advancement of cancer research’. In pursuing this aim, the Association provides services to members, presents educational, training and scientific meeting opportunities, and facilitates communication and collaboration between the cancer researchers who make up its membership. It also sets out to raise the profile of cancer research and cancer researchers in Europe and the need for sustained political and economic support.

The size and range of membership reflects the fact that EACR sets out to be an inclusive, multi-disciplinary organisation and maintains a very low membership subscription to ensure that cost does not discourage participation. The membership fee for active members is just 40 Euros per annum or 120 Euros for 4 years, and special reduced membership fees are available to postgraduate students and those with less than 4 years postdoctoral experience.  Many senior researchers who support post graduate students, ‘post docs’ and those in the early years of their career often recommend EACR membership as part of support for professional development.

Read more about the EACR on their website.