The British Psychological Society


Our courses help professional body staff to increase their knowledge, improve their skills and to meet their objectives.

The British Psychological Society (BPS) sent many of their staff along to our first round of courses and gave us some excellent feedback that we just couldn't keep to ourselves!


What does BPS think about PARN training?

Here's what Simon Bowen, the Director of Membership Support and Services at The British Psychological Society thought of using our courses as part of their staff training programme...

"Developing our staff is a vital aspect of ensuring that we continue to meet the needs of our members and respond to change. Whether this is through the development of new services or enhancing existing support, PARN’s unique understanding of the professional body landscape enables them to provide a relevant context to the training. As a result, our staff are able to apply the learning into their working practice and they get to meet others who share similar challenges within their own organisations. This is important as sharing experiences also helps us to benchmark our own performance.

Unique - specific understanding & expertise of the professional body landscape
Relevant - context to the learning
Applicable - easy to apply learning within own organisation
Network - get to meet with others working in similar environments
Benchmark - able to measure our performance against similar organisations

For these reasons we continue to value the training and development programmes that PARN offer."


Various staff at BPS also commented on their recent training:

“I thought the training was very well organized and well presented.”

“I found it very useful in broadening my view on what constitutes member value.”

“I’ll now be able to respond more authoritatively and credibly to members who challenge the value of their membership.”

“It was still good to hear of other professional bodies’ experiences.”

“I also thought the case studies at the end of the day were a great way of reinforcing what we’d learnt.”