Three Exciting New Courses for Autumn 2012

PARN Global News Article - 18 July 2012

Three Exciting New Courses for Autumn 2012

Three Exciting New Courses for Autumn 2012

Our Training Courses have been going from strength to strength and we've been continuing to develop new content based on our research and specialist knowledge about the professional body sector.

Our new courses are aimed at senior and strategic staff responsible for shaping and directing core activities in their professional body.

About our new courses

Engaging & Retaining Members 13 November 2012
This course explore ways of engaging and retaining members based on our research and knowledge of the professional body sector and compliments our Understanding Member Value course.

In particular, we will be evaluating member surveys, and discussing professional body perceptions and interesting practice around levels of engagement and loss rates, along with segmentation of members for targeted communications.

Developing Strategy & Business Planning 22 November 2012
This training course aims to provide senior managers and members of the governing body with an understanding of strategic management as applied to professional bodies.

Strategic Finance for Professional Bodies 27 November 2012
This course provides senior finance, general managers and policy staff with an understanding of the particular financial circumstances of professional bodies.

Find out how professional bodies differ from the requirements of finance in for-profit or other third sector organisations and the specific challenges of providing useful financial information to support decision making in professional bodies.

Many thanks to AAGBI and CIHT for hosting our Training Courses!

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Here's what some of the participants on our recent Training Courses thought:

" I go on training courses and only 10% is relevant to me, but this course has been completely relevant to my role and organisation."

- Marion Young, Governance Secretary of The Institute and Faculty of Actuaries

" I learnt a lot of commonalities between my organisation and other professional bodies – very useful and reassuring to compare. "
- Kirstin Lambert, Communities Manager at The Actuarial Professional

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