The Importance of Building & Maintaining Your...

PARN Global News Article - 7 March 2014

The Importance of Building & Maintaining Your Brand



In the wake of the recession most organisations are still facing increased competition to maintain customers and entice new prospects. For professional bodies this is definitely the case; the value and cost of a professional qualification has come under the spotlight and the challenge of preserving membership numbers shows no sign of waning.

But it’s not all doom and gloom - research shows that as a result of the jobs market becoming more saturated, qualifications have grown in perceived importance and are seen as a key differentiator by prospective employers. Professional qualifications and membership indicates that candidates are proactive, professional, focused on CPD and committed to working within ethical and competency frameworks.

Those wanting to join a professional body will be looking for an organisation that offers genuine benefits with an identifiable and trusted brand. Your organisation offers quality services, enhanced professional reputation and both intangible and tangible benefits. To communicate this and ensure you stand out from the crowd you need a clearly defined brand and brand proposition. The proposition is the vision and mission, the raison d’etre for your professional body. It is the thing that speaks to members, potential members and the organisations for which these people work about the relationship that you want to have with them. It speaks about what your organisation can offer above and beyond the competition, and why you are worth the investment, an investment which is not just financial, but emotional. Because that’s the key to building a brand that will last - emotionally involving and engaging your members. Loyalty based on trust and respect that will lead to them becoming loyal brand ambassadors.

The proposition and tone with which you communicate this should be consistent and visible throughout all your communications and interfaces, whether it’s your written communications, website, social media, approach to customer service, whatever the channel, your brand and its voice needs to convey a strong and unmistakeable identity. Consistently maintaining this takes work. It’s an ongoing process and the success of the brand depends on the ability to ensure the approach to communication and presentation is consistently monitored and evolves as your organisation does.

At Sterling Membership we understand the challenges your organisation faces in building and maintaining a strong brand and a voice in the sector. For over 10 years, we’ve been working alongside professional bodies to deliver strategic insight, creative thinking and innovative, integrated communications and marketing campaigns. Our wide range of services, experience and in-depth knowledge of the sector means we understand the key challenges faced in member engagement and recruitment and retention activity. We help our organisations to plan, write, create, produce, deliver and manage their communications across all channels according to their strategic objectives. Our approach is based on sharing best practice and cultivating successful, long-term partnerships.

Not only do we take pride in what we do and how, we also take interest in what you do and how. We keep an eye on the bigger picture and observe what’s happening across the sector. We consider what the trends and evolutions mean for you and your organisation and how they will impact our approach to your problem.

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