On Contributing to the Sector Review

What Our Members Say - Helen Brand, ACCA

On Contributing to the Sector Review

On Contributing to the Sector Review

I always look forward to the Review being published each year and I can highly recommend it as a thumping good read! 

I was delighted to be asked to contribute to this year’s review. In my piece in the review, I focus on what it means to lead a global professional body in today’s world.  As I said in the article, without spoiling the read for you, I talk about the importance of being sustainable, the strength and opportunity that comes from having a diverse workforce with diverse viewpoints, and the need for trust and confidence which is driven by a commitment to transparency and accountability.

All of us who are engaged in our sector are able to make a demonstrable difference to the world through promoting the concept of professionalism and by holding people to a higher standard.

I want to thank the PARN team from bringing us all together so we can share our knowledge and expertise – and celebrate together what our sector contributes to society.

Helen Brand, Chief Executive Offer
Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

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