Students polled about professional bodies

PARN Global News Article - 17 November 2011

Students polled about professional bodies

Students polled about professional bodies

PUSH, an online guide to UK universities, recently ran a poll to see if young people and students visiting their site knew what a professional body was...

  • 40% recognised it as a way to get into a career
  • 22% said they didn't know
  • 21% said they are only for people already in a job
  • 17% chose 'a well-paid limb'

So it seems there is still more work for the professional bodies to do in getting recognised for their hard work! was set up to link students, careers advisors and those considering a career change to the professions - telling them about what each sector is like via links to professional bodies' websites.

We are getting more and more careers advisers on board via our new bulletin (See the first issue here), which will focus on a different sector each issue. is an extremely useful tool for careers advisers - showing students how useful the professional bodies can be as they start out on their career paths.

It's great to hear about projects such as Inspiring the Future, a free service which will be linking professionals from all sectors to young people in state schools and colleges. More initiatives like this will increase young peoples' understanding of what professional bodies do.

At TotalProfessions we have been busy setting up new links too, with both PUSH and Real World Magazine becoming our new media partners!

If you're interested in getting involved, want to know more, or would like to suggest your sector for a future issue of our careers advisers bulletin, email[email protected].