RSC President: Brexit's Impact on Science

PARN Global News Article - 2 September 2016

RSC President: Brexit's Impact on Science

RSC President: Brexit's Impact on Science

Following the EU referendum, the Royal Society of Chemistry’s (RSC) new president, Professor Sir John Holman has a message for members of its community around the world.

He writes:

I recently chaired my first meeting of our Council as president of the Royal Society of Chemistry.

I made sure that the first item on our agenda was the UK referendum on membership of the EU and its implications for the chemical sciences. I would like to update you on that discussion and how we are working to support our community, across academia and industry, during this period of uncertainty.

Far from closing doors to international collaboration, we want to open them still further. We will work with partners across the scientific community, including businesses, universities and our fellow learned societies, so that the UK can fulfil its potential to contribute to global science.

RSC’s Council has identified three priorities for the Government to ensure that UK science maintains its world-class performance and the openness to collaboration and exchange that is key to its success:

  • maintaining research and innovation funding at the present level, which currently includes funding from the EU;
  • easy movement of skilled scientists and of students to and from the UK;
  • clear and high-quality regulation to support UK citizens, businesses and researchers.

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