(Re)defining Your Professional Brand: Spring 2013...

PARN Global News Article - 28 November 2012

(Re)defining Your Professional Brand: Spring 2013 Conference

(Re)defining Your Professional Brand: Spring 2013 Conference

Thinking about your professional brand?

Professional bodies live or die by their reputation.

How the organisation is perceived by members, potential members, their members’ clients, and the general public is at the very heart of professional body success.

The brand of professionalism is a much sought after prize, with many sectors seeking to create new professional bodies in order to be seen as professional and to create the structures and processes that support professionalisation.

Professional bodies are currently operating in a difficult arena, with members’ lack of funds and job insecurity often impacting on member recruitment and retention. Despite this, the professional body sector is thriving and many organisations report a rise in membership. Professionalism is still required, still desired, and more important than ever.

Our Spring 2013 conference is for you

Our upcoming conference (Re)defining Your Professional Brand on 24 April 2013 in London aims to support professional bodies to make the most of the coveted badge of professionalism that they hold – how to strengthen, communicate, and manage a professional identity.

We will be presenting the latest findings from PARN’s International Benchmarking Survey as we consider the unique strengths and challenges of the professional body sector.

In addition, a range of speakers from a selection of professional bodies will offer their experiences of a variety of approaches to (re)branding and promoting professionalism.

Find out more and book online

Visit the conference webpage for more information and to book online - our Early Bird prices will last until 24 January: