RAeS Joins PARN!

PARN Global News Article - 28 October 2016

RAeS Joins PARN!

RAeS Joins PARN!

Welcome to PARN, RAeS!

The Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) is the world's only professional body dedicated to the entire aerospace community. Established in 1866 to further the art, science and engineering of aeronautics, the Society has been at the forefront of aerospace ever since.

The guiding principles of the Royal Aeronautical Society are embodied in this extract from the Society’s Royal Charter: “The objects and purposes are the general advancement of aeronautical Art, Science and Engineering and for promoting that species of knowledge which distinguishes the profession of Aeronautics (which expression includes Astronautics)”.

The Society seeks to:

•    Promote the highest professional standards in all aerospace disciplines
•    Provide specialist information & act as a central forum for the exchange of ideas
•    Play a leading role in influencing opinion on aerospace matters

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