Professional Body Sector Review 2015 Available Now

PARN Global News Article - 30 March 2015

Professional Body Sector Review 2015 Available Now

Professional Body Sector Review 2015 Available Now

Last Wednesday saw the launch of PARN’s latest publication, hosted by our members the Law Society in London.

On 25 March the Professional Body Sector Review 2015 was officially launched at an exclusive event for senior staff. Now in its third year, the Review collates the latest research and first-hand accounts from over 15 organisations, representing professional bodies as occupying a sector in their own right.

This year, we look at 50 years of change in the sector. PARN CEO Andy Friedman comments particularly on the shift towards compulsory CPD as well as increasing transparency. In his introduction to the Review he notes: “Ethical codes have become more public documents, reflecting the rise in obligations aimed at protecting the public. This is just one of the changes that contribute to a greater distinction between the professional body sector and other membership organisations.”

We also heard from ACCA, Icon and CIfA at the launch, whose Chief Executives all contributed to this year’s edition, about their contributions and how they intend to use the Sector Review.

Helen Brand, CEO of ACCA, said: “All of us who are engaged in our sector are able to make a demonstrable difference to the world through promoting the concept of professionalism and by holding people to a higher standard. I always look forward to the Review being published each year and I can highly recommend it as a thumping good read!”

At CIfA, Chief Executive Peter Hinton spoke about implementing the PARN cupped hands heuristic in their new governance structure: “We benefited greatly from PARN’s advice in helping us arrive at the new structure. PARN’s advice is always greatly treasured, especially when it coincides with what my colleagues and I wish to achieve.”

The free publication gives organisations the chance to voice their progress in governance structures, best practice, continuing professional development (CPD) systems, and numerous additional areas that showcase their ongoing and improving professionalism.

Alison Richmond, CEO of Icon, said: “I wish I’d had the PARN Sector Review when I first became CEO. You gain instant access to so much information and a snapshot of the sector, which enables me to find out how we fit into the bigger frame. What always strikes me about the Review is how honest people are as they speak peer-to-peer, and how we can trust this research because it is emerging from a bona fide community of interest.”

The Sector Review is launched in association with our long-term partners Redactive and Sterling, whose design team gave exceptional support in creating the publication and seeing it through to print.

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