PARN wishes Ashridge well in continuing the work...

PARN Global News Article - 14 September 2012

PARN wishes Ashridge well in continuing the work of

PARN wishes Ashridge well in continuing the work of

Since its inception in 2010, PARN and Ashridge Communications have worked together on the website to develop what is now a well established and increasingly popular website, bringing all professional bodies together on one platform.

More recently, PARN has been developing a suite of training courses for the professional body sector, along with a qualification in Professional Body Management, which has lead to a review of how PARN uses its resources.

PARN has therefore made the decision to withdraw from the initiative in order to focus more of its attention on its new service provision.

However, PARN will continue to support the good work of the website in some communications and will from time to time publish articles on the website.

Ashridge Communications, through Professional Careers Ltd will assume PARN’s shareholding in the website and will be making announcements in September/October regarding new developments being worked on to take the website to the next level.

In the meantime:

  • All professional bodies will continue to have a free live link in the Profession Finder and PARN encourages members to support the site where budgets permit

  • The website will continue to promote the professions from the professional body perspective, providing editorial links to professional bodies through the Sector Summaries

  • Fair Access to the professions will continue to be a key driver for the site

  • PARN will continue to provide criteria by which professional bodies can be listed on the Profession Finder directory

PARN and Ashridge Communications continue to have a good relationship and wish each other well in all future endeavours.