PARN Secures Newsweek Column

PARN Global News Article - 11 November 2014

PARN Secures Newsweek Column

PARN is delighted to announce a new weekly column, 'Twenty-First Century Professionals', appearing from December in Newsweek!

And it’s exciting news for the professional body sector: your story could be featured.

This is a unique opportunity for professionals to get your stories heard in a magazine of international renown. Are you making innovative changes in your field, or are you experiencing ethical dilemmas about which you'd like to raise awareness? We will include first-hand accounts from across the sector to shed light on both the triumphs and problems encountered by professionals today.

Discounted subscriptions for PARN Members!

All members of PARN will receive up to 33% off Newsweek subscriptions for your own members! What's more, 7.5% of the subscription revenue will be pumped straight back into your association.
The subscription offer includes delivery of the premium-quality weekly magazine to your door and full digital access to

Choose from:

  • An initial first-time offer of four issues at £1, followed by a monthly subscription of £15 per month;
  • An annual subscription of £99 per annum.

In a world where the professions are under increasing pressure, it will now be easier for you to keep abreast of global issues that will help inform your future as a professional body.

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