Strategic Analysis and Competitive Positioning

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Strategic Analysis and Competitive Positioning
Strategic Analysis and Competitive Positioning


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Develop your strategy!

How does a business win customers, beat its competitors, make a profit and grow? These questions are fundamental to business success. But can you – or your clients – answer them? Strategic Analysis and Competitive Positioning gives you the tools you'll need to build enduring competitive advantage and develop a solid strategic plan. When you've finished working through the course you'll have the basis of your strategic plan.

This high level course covers the strategic planning process for a business from start to finish, including an understanding of business lifecycles and industry consolidation. You'll explore the external factors that matter when you're putting together a business strategy, including sector attractiveness, sources of competitive advantage and differentiation.


This course will enable you to:
  • Understand external and internal factors when putting together your business strategy
  • Determine your competitive position
  • Recognise where you’d like to move your business and how to get there
  • Assess the impact of your strategy – the time or cost required, the resources available to you and the risks
  • Create a strategic action plan for your business and begin to implement it
Getting started
  • What is the strategic planning process?
  • What is the "outside-in" approach?
  • What is the quick method?
  • What is the business lifecycle?
  • What are the benefits of industry consolidation?
Where you are: external
  • How attractive is your sector?
  • What is the "five forces" model?
  • How can you gain a competitive advantage?
  • What is customer segmentation?
  • What is the importance of scale?
  • How can differentiation and cost advantage be used?


Where you are: internal
  • What is the value chain?
  • Why should you analyse the value chain?
  • What is outsourcing?
  • How does your cost structure compare with competitors'?
  • What is a competitive position?
  • How can you integrate your work?


Where you want to be and how to get there
  • Where is the source of your ideas?
  • How do value disciplines help businesses win?
  • How can you shift your competitive position?
  • How can you use the impact-effort matrix to prioritise?
  • How can you use the risk-return matrix to prioritise?


Turning ideas into action
  • How do you pull together your sources?
  • How do you scenario plan?
  • How do you present a strategy?
  • What is SWOT analysis?
  • How do you prepare for scrutiny?
  • What's the action plan?
  • What are the next steps?

Those working at professional bodies who are part of their business' strategic planning process, who advise clients, or who want to take their strategic planning to an expert level.

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