One Step Closer to New UK Nuclear Power Fleet

PARN Global News Article - 21 October 2013

One Step Closer to New UK Nuclear Power Fleet

Our PARN Member the Nuclear Institute recently commented on future plans....nuclear

The agreement between the UK Government and EDF Energy on the strike price moves construction of a new fleet of Nuclear Power Stations in the UK one step closer. The Strike Price was announced this morning at £92.50. 

Norman Harrison, President of the Nuclear Institute said: 

"This is great news for the nuclear sector and for the UK as a whole.
The new generation of nuclear power stations will produce safe clean, energy for future generations. 
The Nuclear Institute is collaborating with the National Skills Academy for Nuclear to ensure
that the large number of engineers, scientist, technicians and other professionals needed to
operate these power stations adhere to an independently defined 
standard of nuclear professionalism."