The Challenges of CPD for Teachers

PARN Global News Article - 7 October 2013

The Challenges of CPD for Teachers

Part of a International Professional Development Series from the Teacher Network on The GuardianCPD website

Rebecca Ratcliffe recently wrote an interesting article in The Guardian about the challenges, solutions and status quo of professional development in the teaching profession. Average figures from a year and a half ago suggest that schools in England spent around £180m on staff development, but spending is heavily varied across the country, with some forking out far more on CPD, while others spend next to nothing.

With external courses not always providing value for money when you add up courses fees, travel costs and supply cover, many schools are now turning to in-house training to develop staff skills. This trend is a welcome one, says Ian Bauckham, vice president of The Association of School and College Leaders, which represents 17,000 secondary school and college leaders. Ian said:

"There's a much better understanding now that professional development isn't just about going out on courses provided by external companies, it's about developing someone's skills and deepening their knowledge - and that's something that's best done within schools."