New Chief Executive for the IEHF

PARN Global News Article - 7 October 2014

New Chief Executive for the IEHF


Stephen Barraclough takes the reins as the incoming Chief Executive of the IEHF

The Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors are welcoming their new CEO Stephen Barraclough to the team. Stephen has thirty five year career in the oil & gas downstream industry and beleives that implementing organisational changes profiting from inexorable new circumstances is fundimental to success; 

"Raised in the West Midlands, I come to the Institute at a fascinating time, as more and more industries scrabble hard to differentiate services and products, a challenge to which I believe ergonomics and human factors is particularly well placed to contribute."

Stephen beleives that the huge changes in the way energy reaches our home points to a thriving future for the IEHF; 

"I very much look forward to ensuring we thrive, rather than survive, in the very challenging times in which we find ourselves.”


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