Law Society Launches Member-Focused Strategy

PARN Global News Article - 1 December 2015

Law Society Launches Member-Focused Strategy

Law Society Launches Member-Focused Strategy

Following wide-ranging and open conversations with members about its future role, the Law Society has launched a new strategy that focuses on representing, promoting and supporting solicitors.

The Law Society strategy has three new strategic aims:

·         Representing solicitors - we will represent solicitors by speaking out for justice and on legal issues.

·         Promoting solicitors - we will promote the value of using a solicitor.

·         Supporting solicitors - we will support solicitors to develop their expertise and their businesses, whether they work in firms, in-house or for themselves.

Law Society chief executive Catherine Dixon said:

'I am delighted and very proud to launch the Law Society’s strategy. The solicitor profession is experiencing unprecedented change from increasing globalisation, technological advances, new structures, reductions in public spending on justice, changes in regulation and increased competition. With change comes opportunities as well as challenges and the Law Society is committed to representing, promoting and supporting solicitors wherever they may practice.

More detail is available on the Law Society website.