IOF Appoints Chair of New Charity Fundraising...

PARN Global News Article - 1 December 2015

IOF Appoints Chair of New Charity Fundraising Regulator

IOF Appoints Chair of New Charity Fundraising Regulator

Lord Michael Grade has been appointed as the chair of the new Charity Fundraising Regulator and will be responsible for overseeing its development.

The appointment comes after Sir Stuart Etherington’s review of fundraising practices which signalled a need to restore public trust in fundraising.

Responding to the announcement, Chief Executive of the IOF, Peter Lewis, said;

"We warmly welcome Lord Michael Grade as the interim chair of the Fundraising Regulator. The establishment of the new, stronger independent regulator is an important change, one which IoF members called for, and one which many of our larger organisational members have already said they are willing to support. There is no time to waste in rebuilding public confidence in charity fundraising, the vast majority of which is already done to a very high standard.  We look forward to working closely with the new chair to ensure the views of fundraisers across the UK are part of a new system that better protects vulnerable members of the public whilst ensuring charities are able to raise vital funds for their good causes."

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