Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers Becomes a PARN...

PARN Global News Article - 12 February 2014

Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers Becomes a PARN Member


We'd like to welcome our new PARN Member - the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS).



About ICS

As a major provider of education and training, the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (ICS) sets and examines the syllabus for membership, providing the shipping industry with highly qualified professionals.

ICS is the only internationally recognised professional body in the maritime arena and it represents shipbrokers, ship managers and agents throughout the world.

With 24 branches in key shipping areas, 4000 individuals and 120 company members, the Institute's membership represents a commitment to maintaining the highest professional standards across the shipping industry.

Founded in 1911, the Institute was awarded a Royal Charter in 1920.  The Charter was amended in 1984 to open the membership to companies and non-British subjects.  As a result, the Institute is now truly international and provides a great deal of opportunity for networking.

ICS operates its own distance learning programme, TutorShip, and runs a variety of courses designed for both new entrants to the shipping industry and more experienced people looking for specialised knowledge.  TutorShip courses are offered in 17 Institute Teaching Centres around the world.

As part of a professional body, members can enjoy many benefits and a number of opportunities which enhance their career in the shipping industry.

For more information, visit the ICS website: