Institute of Biomedical Science launches new CPD...

PARN Global News Article - 5 September 2011

Institute of Biomedical Science launches new CPD ePortfolio

Institute of Biomedical Science launches new CPD ePortfolio

Our new PARN member the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS), have a new ePortfolio resource as part of their CPD scheme.

The Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS) is the professional body for 20,000 members in the UK and abroad working across the biomedical science sector represented primarily by the NHS, university teaching and research, pharmaceutical companies and the armed forces.

A key function of the IBMS is to support the education and training of its members and it has an established CPD scheme that encourages biomedical scientists to maintain, improve and extend their knowledge, skills and practice.

The Institute’s CPD scheme offers members the chance to participate in a variety of structured activities and formally record their learning by the accumulation of CPD credits leading to the award of a CPD Diploma. Institute members are automatically registered with the CPD scheme when they apply for membership, unless they choose to opt out.

The scheme provides a service to members by facilitating annual monitoring of activities and providing a framework for a reflective approach to critically analyse the learning experience and consequential benefits to one’s own professional practice and sphere of influence.

Although it provides incentives and rewards (CPD credits and CPD Diploma) there is now a strong focus on achieving the output of the learning experience through reflective practice. It is therefore recommended that IBMS CPD credits should only be claimed when learning outcomes can be identified that have a perceived benefit to your own practice or that of the service user. Activities formally approved by the Institute have already had their intended learning outcomes identified. Alternatively, learning outcomes can be demonstrated using the Institute’s ‘reflective learning statement’ form.

Structured CPD activities offered by the IBMS include journal-based learning and structured reading as a specific aid to maintain knowledge at the forefront of professional practice. This is in addition to regional and local Institute branch meetings, IBMS Congress and other meetings or training sessions organised under the umbrella of the Institute, or endorsed by the Institute, as credited CPD activities.

The Institute, through its region and branch committee structure, has a network of CPD Officers, their deputies, and hospital representatives who oversee the local implementation of the scheme. They are responsible for providing supervision and support to CPD participants and work closely with the Institute, playing a key role in monitoring and developing the scheme.

The CPD ePortfolio is now available to all IBMS members who are registered on the CPD scheme. Launched on 1st September 2010, the CPD ePortfolio has been developed to enable CPD members to record their activities electronically via the IBMS website.

It is hoped that the CPD ePortfolio will prove to be a valuable resource which encourages members to keep an accurate, up-to-date record of their activities, in addition to becoming the primary method of recording CPD.

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Feel free to contact IBMS regarding their credited CPD activities:

CPD Department
Institute of Biomedical Science
12 Coldbath Square
London EC1R 5 HL

Email: [email protected]