IMechE Launches Personal Development Tool

PARN Global News Article - 4 September 2015

IMechE Launches Personal Development Tool

IMechE Launches Personal Development Tool

This month the Institution of Mechanical Engineers (IMechE) has launched a new personal development diagnostic tool that allows users to develop their strengths.

Engineer360 is designed for those looking to identify their development needs – whether for an appraisal, to support a membership application, or simply for ongoing personal development. The tool delivers useful feedback to help users identify their own strengths and weaknesses.

Designed by engineers, for engineers, Engineer360 evaluates users against the five competencies required and defined by the Engineering Council:

• Technical understanding
• Problem solving
• Leadership skills
• Interpersonal skills
• Professionalism

The tool comes in the form of a questionnaire, which is sent out to line managers, colleagues and teams for completion. The results then outline what respondents think is important for success in the user’s role, as well as the user’s performance against this.

Combining the thoroughness of 360 degree feedback with industry-specific areas of focus, Engineer360 is unique in that it allows a thorough review of performance in the areas that are most important to being a successful engineer.

Through evaluating individual performance, feedback allows employees to develop a level of self-awareness of their own progression, which is justified rather than based on self-belief. By aligning an individual’s view of their performance with team and managerial perspectives, it also ensures that targets can be realistic.

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