ICRS Becomes a PARN Member

PARN Global News Article - 4 September 2014

ICRS Becomes a PARN Member


We'd like to welcome our newest member ICRS to the network! 

The Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability (ICRS) was launched in July 2014 and will set standards for the profession, set out a code of conduct and provide training and development opportunities to enable CR professionals to further progress their skills and careers.
The ICRS has been set up by the Corporate Responsibility Group (CRG) the established not for profit organisation which has been challenging and supporting its network of leading UK and international companies to advance corporate responsibility for over 25 years.
The Institute’s creation is recognition that CR and sustainability has come of age and is now a critical driver of organisational strategies, not an optional extra. They are building a strong online presence to bring together CR and sustainability professionals from across the UK and around the world to support and learn from each other.
The ICRS is a not for profit and all our revenues will be invested in serving and growing its membership. We are lean and will keep things that way.This is the start of their journey. ICRS has a strong foundation and the resources it provides will build over time and be shaped by its members.

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