How does your organisation implement and measure...

PARN Global News Article - 3 January 2013

How does your organisation implement and measure CPD?

How does your organisation implement and measure CPD?

Our upcoming survey will benchmark trends in the sector

In our triennial International Benchmarking Survey in 2009, we identified a growing trend of professional bodies adopting compulsory CPD, sometimes prompted by the introduction of regulatory legislation but often as a result of a belief that CPD is an inherent aspect of professionalism.

Of all the professional bodies that had an official CPD policy, 35% had a compulsory CPD policy, whereby CPD is monitored and sanctions are in place for non-compliance. A further 24% had an obligatory policy, whereby CPD is required, though there is no monitoring or system of sanctions. Another 15% had some kind of mixed policy, entailing elements of compulsory, obligatory or voluntary CPD for certain grades of membership.

Compulsory CPD requires professional bodies to measure their members’ activity, but organisations can do this in different ways. How does your organisation measure CPD and how does this compare to others? In 2009, 35% of professional bodies used input measures (such as how much time is spent doing CPD), 21% used output measures (such as evidence of development resulting from CPD), 25% used a combination of the two, and 19% had no formal measurement at all. We found that bodies with compulsory CPD policies were more likely to use input-based measures, probably since these are likely to be simpler to implement and explain to members as well as more objective and transparent.

Will these trends continue in 2012, will more professional bodies make the move towards compulsory CPD? Or will we see a decline of the use of sanctions if members are failing to comply or opting to leave the body if there is no legal obligation to be a member? Will the need for measurement increase as professionals feel a greater onus to objectively prove their professional development in the current economic climate?

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