How are professional qualifications changing?

PARN Global News Article - 4 January 2013

How are professional qualifications changing?

How are professional qualifications changing?
Thanks to our triennial International Benchmarking Survey in 2009, we were able to identify that around one third of professional bodies were awarding bodies...
  • 33% awarded qualifications below degree level
  • 37% awarded qualifications above degree level
  • 28% accredited third parties’ qualifications below degree level
  • 30% accredited third parties’ qualifications above degree level

Will our upcoming 2012 Benchmarking Survey for Professional Bodies find that more professional bodies are opting to award or accredit qualifications? Here's our thinking on possible contributing factors...

Impact of the Recession & Changes to Higher Eduation

The continued impact of the recession is likely to highlight the value of professional qualifications. With the recent raft of changes to higher education, more people may opt to study for a professional qualification rather than for a conventional university degree.

Education at post-graduate level may well prove more important than ever in enhancing employability in an extremely competitive job market. Many professionals undertake post-graduate studies part-time while working, often with employer funding.

There are also growing moves to consolidate and standardise the recognition of professional learning; we've seen that more professional bodies are mapping their courses to the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF).

Need for Relevant and Topical Content

In 2009, 88% of organisations provided initial professional qualifications that covered profession-specific requirements; while 65% of courses contained content on ethics.

Will these remain the key topics, or will we find that professional qualifications now tend to additionally cover areas such as management skills, IT, client service and team working? Which are important for professional development and employability?

You can find out by completing our upcoming 2012 survey this autumn - in return you'll receive a benchmarking report free of charge!

The data you provide will give an insight into the long term trends in the professional body sector that cannot be found anywhere else.

Last chance to take part!

If you haven't already completed our survey, you still have until 31 January 2013 to respond!

By doing so, you'll get a free copy of a new and improved benchmarking report (RRP £150) whichcompares your professional body to all other professional bodies that respond.

Also new for this time around, all organisations that complete the survey will also be entered into a prizedraw for a free place on any of our ten Training Courses - a value of £295 - £350! We'll be randomly selecting three organisations as winners.

In addition, our Training Courses will be updated to include this new research data.

If you'd like your professional body to take part, contact us for your login details: