Have Your Say - Negotiations with Government on...

PARN Global News Article - 22 June 2018

Have Your Say - Negotiations with Government on the Professions

Have Your Say - Negotiations with Government on the Professions

PARN has been asked to provide commentary on a draft Proposed Sector Deal produced by the Professional & Business Services Council (PBSC).

PBSC is a wide ranging and high level group with excellent connections to government ministers and top civil servants. It is chaired jointly by the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, BEIS and the Chairman of Deloitte LLP. The Council is primarily composed of representatives of large professional and business services firms.

View a list of representatives and more background information here.

The Sector Deal has been worked out in the light of Brexit negotiations. As can be seen from the draft, the concerns and solutions suggested have implications beyond the PBS sector and concern any future trade negotiations globally as well as with the EU, general immigration policy, general support for industrial and regional policy, and social mobility and diversity and inclusion.

Please read the Sector Deal proposal and forward any comments you would like to record to [email protected].