Guest Blog for PACEY on Ethical Codes

PARN Global News Article - 14 August 2014

Guest Blog for PACEY on Ethical Codes

Our CEO Professor Andy Friedman has recently been featured as the guest blogger on the website of our valued member, PACEY ( The Professional Association for Childcare and Early Years).

In the blog post Andy writes about ethical codes and the spirit of codes for professional bodies, going into detail about how ethical codes separate mere experts from professionals.

Andy Writes:

"A professional association’s code of conduct is an essential mark of its intention for its members to be regarded as professionals. Adherence to an ethical code has for many years been regarded as synonymous with professionalism, along with requiring  a qualification or period of experience and more recently the need to  undertake continuing professional development, part of which can relate to the code. Professionals must not only be aware of their code of conduct and agree to abide by it, they must also understand the spirit of the code, to be able to use the code in practice..."


To read the full blog post click here to visit PACEY's website.