FJWilson Talent Blog Review of our Managing Member...

PARN Global News Article - 31 July 2014

FJWilson Talent Blog Review of our Managing Member Networks Publication

Anthony Haynes of the talent company FJWilson, who specialise in professional associations and learning provider sectors has written a review of our latest publication, Managing Member Networks: Strategy, Volunteers & Funding. Anthony gives a good overall view of the book and identifies which areas engaged him the most as a member of FJWilson.

Anthony Writes:

"Managing member networks is written by Christina Williams and Andy Friedman and published by the Professional Associations Research Network (PARN). My attention was drawn to it by a post on LinkedIn by Andy Friedman. I had read one of Friedman’s previous books (Stakeholders) and thought it particularly well written.

Managing member networks is based on research conducted in 2012-13. The research had three sources: a survey of professional bodies; a set of case studies; and discussions with members of a steering group drawn from seven professional bodies.

As the sub-title (‘strategy, volunteers and funding’) indicates, the book is wide-ranging. Topics covered include trends in managing member networks, types of network, funding, communication and representation, and member value. Particularly interesting from the point of view of this blog, which focuses on talent acquisition and management, is a chapter on personnel, covering such topics as participation, training, and recruitment. The text is written clearly and professionally..."

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