Exciting news from TotalProfessions.com

PARN Global News Article - 10 August 2011

Exciting news from TotalProfessions.com

Exciting news from TotalProfessions.com

It’s almost a year since TotalProfessions.com was launched with the support of many professional bodies, to provide advice, guidance and information for aspiring professionals.

To celebrate, we wanted to look back at the achievements of the past 12 months, and also to make you aware of some of the exciting plans we have for the coming year.

Since last September, TotalProfessions has:

  • Had over 80,000 site users
  • Had more than 10,000 people using the career video facility
  • Developed links with many careers advisers
  • Increased its links from other websites such as universities, schools, Government and organisations concerned with fair access and social mobility
  • Welcomed many contributions, feedback and content from a large number of professional bodies
  • Provided news and articles on diverse topics including:
    - Internships
    - Apprenticeships
    - Mentoring
    - Social mobility and fair access
    - Funding for training
    - Routes into professions
    - Government and professional body projects

    For the coming year, we are...

    • Pleased to announce our exciting new media partnership with Cherry Publishing!

      As a major provider of websites and related services for school and university students, linking with Cherry Publishing will provide TotalProfessions with fantastic promotion through their Real World magazine reaching more than 100,000 careers professional, students and graduates, and also through their website PUSH.co.uk, attracting an average of 50,000 visitors per month and a database of 25,000 school leavers. Read the media partner news story online for further information.

    • Looking to increase our activity with careers advisers:

      Building on the contacts we have, as well as those we will gain through our partnership with Cherry Publishing, we will develop a regular newsletter for our careers adviser including the latest news in the careers world as well as a focus on a particular sector and professional bodies within each edition.

    • Exhibiting at the AGCAS conference in September:

      We will be able to engage with 600 career professionals from universities across the UK.

    • Continuing to promote the site:

      Through Google ads, search engine optimisation and through our links to universities - we're building our web presence.

    • Developing new content:

      We will continue to develop our content to include up to date research, news and information from our professional body supporters.

    For more information

    To renew your entry on TotalProfessions.com or to book a new entry, please contact [email protected]. Prices start at as little as £28 per month for a standard entry.

    For further detailed information on our plans and achievements, please view our media information.

    We hope you will join us in looking forward to the coming 12 months and some exciting developments with TotalProfessions.com.