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Supporting the Sector
Supporting the Sector


6 June 2017. Come along to our annual conference to discuss membership development, leadership & governance and growing professional bodies.

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2017 Conference

Supporting the Sector

6 June 2017
9.30am - 4pm
(includes lunch & refreshments)
SOAS, Russell Square, London, WC1H 0XG


Sector Leading Speakers | Best Practice
Case Studies | Practical Workshops


About the Conference

Join us at Supporting the Sector  as we launch 2017's Professional Body Sector Review and bring you more speakers, more insight and more debate than ever before.

This topical conference will combine keynote speakers, plenary sessions, break-out sessions and workshops to engage, inform and encourage debate.

Book your place to enjoy this unique opportunity to learn, exchange the latest ideas and develop best practice at your organisation. 

We'll also be launching two new publications at the conference - all delegates will receive a copy of our 2017 Professional Body Sector Review and our latest book on lay members. 

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Key Topics

Supporting the Sector will centre around three key streams, each presenting its own challenges and opportunities to professional bodies:

  • Membership development
  • Leadership and governance
  • 21st century professional bodies

Please note that sessions will be allocated on a first come first served basis on 6 June. 


Keynote Speakers


Andy Friedman


Andy will be introducing the day, giving a PARN update and discussing the critical importance of supporting professionalism through the work professional bodies do.


Jonathan Bridges

Head of Cloud

Jonathan will be sharing his wisdom about using cloud-based solutions to achieve success. 

Sue Wilkinson

Former Executive Board Director
National Trust

Offering a perspective from outside the sector, Sue will discuss membership development at the National Trust. She’ll explore the Trust’s approach to membership acquisition, what they learnt from member feedback, and how they've invested to personalise their marketing and improve retention. 

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This stream is aimed at those working in membership. We will be discussing member engagement, a key issue facing the sector at the moment. We’ll hear from membership experts from leading professional bodies, as well as building on previous PARN work on member networks and CPD.

Key areas of interest: Membership Services, CPD, Membership Retention, Membership Engagement


Gordon Miles

Royal College of Emergency Medicine

Following his contribution to the 2017 Sector Review, Gordon will be discussing member engagement and giving an overview of RCEM's involvement in PARN's member engagement consortium project. 


Chris Kirk

Managing Director

Do you want to enhance your CPD offering? Chris will be giving delegates the chance to learn about and discuss digitalme’s new CPD badge project. 

Jonathan Winter

Career Innovation

Jonathan hosts a comprehensive 60 minute workshop on inspiring professionals to learn, focusing on practical ways to make reflective CPD a reality. 

Jo Lewis

External Relations and Development Officer
British Dietetic Association

Working with commercial partnerships can often present difficulties for professional bodies. Exploring what members really think, Jo discusses how the BDA have developed their approach to commercial partners. 

Discuss and debate top issues concerning leadership and governance at professional bodies in this highly relevant stream, ideal for CEOs and other senior staff. 

One session during the day will focus specifically on the increasing use of lay members at professional bodies. We'll be launching our new publication, The Professional Lay Member, at the conference. 

Key areas of interest: Leadership, Strategy & Operations, Governance, Business Development, HR, Finance


Stephen Ross

Governance consultant and professional lay board member

Providing valuable wisdom for lay members and CEOs alike, Stephen will introduce and provide context for his book, The Professional Lay Member: An Exploration of the Role and Practical Guidance. 

Leonie Milliner

Association for Nutrition

Leonie will be expanding on her Sector Review article which explores the perks and pitfalls of running a smaller professional body.

Peter Hinton

Chartered Institute for Archaeologists

Peter will be sharing his thoughts on how leaders should be tackling external change. He’ll be looking at the impact of Brexit and advising on how to lead when the future looks unpredictable. 

The Chartered Body Alliance

Earlier this year, CII, CISI and the Chartered Banker Institute launched the Chartered Body Alliance, aimed at enhancing professionalism and trust in the financial services industry. We hear from one of the CEOs leading this exciting new partnership. 

Sara Drake

Association for Project Management

What challenges come with working towards chartered status? Hear from Sara Drake as she talks through APM's journey to chartership.

What should professional bodies be doing to expand and progress? What challenges and opportunities lie ahead for professional bodies? Hear from larger and smaller professional bodies in this fascinating stream, which explores the unique challenges professional bodies face in today's world. 

Key areas of interest: Strategy & Operations, Business Development, Globalisation, Marketing 




Bola Fatimilehin

Head of Diversity
Royal Academy of Engineering

We'll be hearing about the Royal Academy of Engineering's new progression framework for diversity and inclusion in professional bodies, in conjunction with the Science Council.

Peter Fanning

Chartered Institute of Taxation

Peter will be sharing his thoughts on internationalising professional bodies, with particular focus on how CIOT have coped with international competition.


Royal Academy of Engineering and the Science Council

Is your organisation sharp enough on diversity? Using the new diversity framework devised by the Royal Academy of Engineering and the Science Council, this workshop lets you assess your own policy - and provides the tools to improve it. 

Alastair McCapra

Chartered Institute of Public Relations

Delving deeper into the world of artificial intelligence, Alastair examines the impact AI will have on the professions and introduces us to the Gimli Glider!

Abby Wright-Parkes

Membership and Marketing Consultant
Optimist Consulting

Do professional bodies communicate in the right ways? Abby will be shedding light on how to build trust through member relationships and communications. 

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