E-learning and Member Services come out on top for...

PARN Global News Article - 9 December 2010

E-learning and Member Services come out on top for PARN's 2011 research ideas

We recently asked PARN members to give us their thoughts and views on a number of potential new research projects. We received 73 replies so many thanks for participating in the survey!

Click here for full descriptions of the proposed research projects.

The project which received most support was on E-Learning with 65% of respondents saying that this project would be of interest to their organisation. Four respondents (5%) felt that their organisation would be willing to financially support this research and to help guide the project as a member of the steering group with 38% (28) of organisations saying this might be a possibility.

In second place was Member Services with 41 bodies (56%) interested in this research, 3 (4%) offering financial support and a further 27 (37%) saying that support might be possible.

Competency Frameworks, Why Volunteer, and Revalidation are the next most popular research topics with between 21 and 37 respondents interested in the research and 3 (4%) offering financial support for each project.

Accreditation is another popular project with 49% (43) of respondents interested in the research but only 2 (3%) offering to support the work in a practical way. Employer Engagement was also of interest to 40 respondents (55%) but only one indicated a willingness to support the project.

PARN will be holding meetings* to discuss all of these projects on Tuesday 22nd February at The Institute of Physics, 76 Portland Place, W1B 1NT. Those people who have responded to the survey and indicated an interest in any of these projects will receive an email invitation to the meetings shortly.

*If you are interested in funding one of these projects, and would like to attend the meetings, please contact Tina Williams, Head of Research, at [email protected] or call 0117 928 1998.