About the role

Job Title: Treasurer
Location: London/Manchester
Commitment: Three board meetings a year and informal meeting and AGM at annual conference
Remuneration: This is a voluntary role. The AUA has an expenses policy to cover expenses incurred to attend meetings.

The AUA Board of Trustees is seeking a Treasurer to commence a term of office on Monday 26 March 2018 after the AGM of the Association.  The role of Treasurer is appointed annually, but it is hoped that any candidate expressing an interest in the role would agree to hold the role for two years, with the possibility of re-appointment thereafter.  The vacancy has come about following the decision of Joanne Payne, the current Treasurer and Head of Professional Services Finance at the University of Southampton, to stand down after the AGM in 2018, after completing over three years in the role.

The role of Treasurer is to provide overall guidance to the Board of Trustees on the financial management of the Association.  The following description offers more information about the position of Treasurer and the AUA.

The Treasurer is a member of the Board of Trustees and therefore a Trustee of the Association. The Treasurer is appointed annually by the Board and together with the Secretary, Chair and Vice-Chair constitute the Officers of the Association.  If the Treasurer is not already a member of the Association when appointed they will be required to become a member.  If the Treasurer is not already a Trustee of the Association they become a Trustee upon appointment.

Person Specification

The role of Treasurer is to provide overall guidance to the Board of Trustees on the financial management of the Association.  This includes the charitable activities of the Association and its trading subsidiary: AUA Enterprises Ltd, and advising the staff of the AUA Office in fulfilling the expectations of third party clients.  These duties include:

  • Working with the Head of Finance, the Chair, and Vice-Chair to oversee the preparation of an annual budget for the Association, management accounts, and annual audited accounts;
  • Advising the Board on good financial practice in relation to the activities of the Association;
  • Advising on opportunities for the Board to maximise activities for income generation and reduction of expenditure;
  • Presenting the accounts of the Association to members at the AGM;
  • Providing professional guidance and support for the Head of Finance
  • Playing a full part in the life of the Association as a member of the Board of Trustees.
  • The Treasurer will be expected to attend meetings of the Board, normally held three times per year (February, June and October) in either London or Manchester, and an informal meeting of the Board and the AGM held at the same time as the Annual Conference in the week before Easter.

The Treasurer is expected to be a qualified accountant; other than that the only requirement is that the Treasurer be an enthusiastic supporter of the mission of the AUA to inspire professionalism in higher education management and administration.

Please click here to download a complete job description

How to apply

For any informal enquiries about the role please contact the current treasurer (Treasurer: Joanne Payne, [email protected]) or Chair (Chair: Kathryn Fowler, [email protected])

If you wish to apply for these roles then please click here to go to the AUA website to submit your CV and covering letter

Closing Date: Wednesday 31 January