PARN CEO speaking about 'CPD Outcomes: Who should...

PARN Global News Article - 27 May 2014

PARN CEO speaking about 'CPD Outcomes: Who should care?'


Andy Friedman, CEO of PARN, will be giving a keynote address on the topic of 'CPD Outcomes: Who should care?' at the 10th International Pharmaceutical Conference at the University of Florida in Orlando on 2 June 2014. 

Andy will be one of three keynote speakers and the conference program includes a variety of learning activities with special opportunities to network and collaborate with diverse international colleagues. Sessions are designed to facilitate sharing of new ideas, challenges, and solutions for promoting lifelong learning in the pharmaceutical profession.


Approaches to CPD

Andy is looking forward to debating his take on who should care about CPD outcomes. As you might expect, at PARN we believe everyone should care about CPD outcomes and ultimately impacts. For many years, Andy has been promoting an outputs-based approach to CPD measurement and the distinction between CPD inputs, outputs, outcomes and impacts is important.

Outputs are whatever is produced which may be used for audit or assessment of individual or supplier (this includes evidence of outcomes and of impacts).

Outcomes are the results of CPD activities, identifiable as effects on:

  • Knowledge, skills, attitudes or behaviour of the professional
  • The conditions of practise
  • Stakeholders such as employers, clients or patients and the general public

Impacts are the developed or long term consequences of CPD activities on:

  • Individual professional’s career
  • Individual’s personal life
  • Practise or workplace
  • Employer, clients or patients and the general public

Ultimately it is outcomes and impacts we should care about, but tangible outputs are needed not only as a step towards assessing outcomes and impacts, but also as a way of convincing stakeholders in CPD beyond professionals and professional bodies of outcomes and potential impacts.


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