PARN's CPD Book Praised by Education Journal

PARN Global News Article - 28 January 2014

PARN's CPD Book Praised by Education Journal

PARN CEO Professor Andy Friedman was delighted to received to a glowing review of his book CPD: Lifelong Learning of Millions in the January 2014 issue of the academic journal Studies in Continuing Education.
Barrie Brennan of the University of New England in Australia wrote an in-depth review of Andy's book, which provides the first comprehensive study of the subject of CPD. We wanted to share his final thoughts about the book...

"Professor Friedman has assisted in taking away the mystery from the UK’s CPD, providing a clear path through the complexities and offering some explanations of how some apparent paradoxes of custom and history may be overcome. That hopefully growing group of academics and educators who seek to raise the status of CPD thank him for success in these three aims and trust that his work will influence other nations as well as the UK."


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