Conference on Combating Financial Crime

PARN Global News Article - 3 October 2012

Conference on Combating Financial Crime

Conference on Combating Financial Crime

The International Compliance Association (ICA) is hosting a conference on combating financial crime on the 28 November 2012 in London.

Delegates will learn about the latest developments in financial crime and how these will affect your business and the way you do your job in the future.

The UK financial services sector is currently under an unprecedented degree of scrutiny - by regulators (both domestic and, of course, US), the national press and from within.

The recent well-documented details of LIBOR-fixing and violations of money laundering regulations have turned an enormous spotlight on to the area of compliance.

Topics for the conference

  • Developments in the policing of fraud
  • UK financial services regulation: the shape of things to come – Panel session
  • Cybercrime and the modern firm
  • Why ethics matters in business
  • The Bribery Act: how’s it working? Practical implementation issues
  • US extraterritoriality: the reality!
  • Financial Crime mapping: the results of the Ernst & Young/ICA survey
  • It wasn't me - it was Bennett Arron

How to book

This event will take place on 28 November 2012 in London - tickets are £300. For further information, follow the links below: