CIPS Highlights Need for Soft Skills Training

PARN Global News Article - 3 May 2016

CIPS Highlights Need for Soft Skills Training

CIPS Highlights Need for Soft Skills Training

“80% of procurement leaders believe soft skills training would help them perform better and have a major impact on their performance at work.”

The Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS) has  released the findings of a key survey of their members undertaken in partnership with JCA Global, the leading supplier of corporate Emotional Intelligence Solutions.

The survey found that a staggering 80% of respondents believe that working on and developing their soft skills would help improve their performance at work. The challenge, however, is that more than 40% of respondents have ‘never had any soft skills training’ and a further 34% said they had, but it was ‘some time ago.’

Turning their attention to the benefits that Emotional Intelligence (EI) could bring to their organisation, more than 66% of respondents felt understanding EI would help effective negotiation,  yet only 12% of their organisations had adopted EI in internal training programmes. More than two thirds of the respondents felt their knowledge of EI was at a basic level or they had none, clearly indicating an industry-wide need for skills improvement.

David Noble Group CEO, CIPS responded “We’ve always been aware of the importance of soft skills and the huge impact Emotional Intelligence can have in communication and negotiation. Indeed, CIPS as an organisation has invested hugely in this area internally.  It’s clear we now need to help members get greater access to these skills and we’re excited to work with JCA to help all our members with this. The subject of Emotional Intelligence and soft skills development will be at the centre of many of our upcoming presentations; it’s clearly a critically important influence in the development of best practice.”

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