CIOL Celebrates 10 Years of Royal Chartership

PARN Global News Article - 26 February 2015

CIOL Celebrates 10 Years of Royal Chartership

This year, the Chartered Institute of Linguists (CIOL) celebrates 10 years of holding a Royal Charter.

Established in 1910, the Institute of Linguists had for some time throughout its history sought a Royal Charter. In 2005, the Privy Council recognised that the organisation met the criteria required and the Chartered Institute of Linguists came into being.

The grant of a Royal Charter is reserved for bodies that can demonstrate ‘pre-eminence, stability and permanence in their particular field’. To achieve Chartered status, professional bodies must be able to prove they have a solid record of achievement, are financially sound, and act in the public interest.

Obtaining a Royal Charter moved the organisation on from focusing solely on the interests of its members to serving its members’ interests in order to benefit wider society, and represented a significant step in the recognition of the linguistic profession. 

CIOL President Dr Nicholas Bowen Hon FCIL said: ‘I have been associated with the Institute for over 30 years and was fortunate to be first nominated and elected President in 2012. The CIOL is a broad church for linguists, whether they are professional translators or interpreters, business people who use languages in their work, teachers and lecturers in education, and/or anybody else with an interest in and facility for languages. The 10th anniversary of the Royal Charter, and the 105th anniversary of its founding, is exactly the right time for more people to consider becoming a member of CIOL and/or a Chartered Linguist. You will be very welcome to join us in promoting our motto of “Universal Understanding”.’ 


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