CIMA and The Hackett Group to Develop Global...

PARN Global News Article - 6 May 2015

CIMA and The Hackett Group to Develop Global Standards

CIMA and The Hackett Group to Develop Global Standards

The Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and The Hackett Group, Inc. have announced a strategic collaboration that will bring to market the first comprehensive talent management and professional development qualification program tailored to Global Business Services (GBS) and shared services professionals.

The Hackett Group and CIMA are seeking to respond to the need for GBS and shared services organisations to invest in programs to hire, develop and retain staff in order to grow the professional skills and knowledge needed to achieve and maintain high performance standards.

The Hackett Group and CIMA will be re-launching CIMA’s existing Certificate in Shared Services as a co-branded Global Business Services qualification. The qualification will provide a base level of training that can be implemented consistently across all markets, establishing measurable global standards. The qualification incorporates empirical data, insights, and other proprietary intellectual property in finance, procurement, IT, HR and other key business services areas derived from The Hackett Group’s benchmarking, executive advisory and transformation practices. In addition, the qualification will build on the expertise of CIMA, who represent over 227,000 management accountants in 179 countries.

Charles Tilley, FCMA, CGMA, Chief Executive of CIMA, said: "CIMA has been at the forefront of professional development for the GBS and shared services sector, having launched the world’s first Certificate in Shared Services in October 2014. Building on our existing success, we are proud to be taking the next step by partnering with The Hackett Group. Together we will enable organizations to nurture and grow the skills and knowledge they require while helping individuals to take charge of their careers."


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