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Encouraging Best Practice

How Can We Help You Define Professional Standards?

 Professional Standards Bespoke Services 
We can support the work professional bodies do to regulate professions by reflecting on your work and encouraging best practice.

Whether you are looking to create or modify your organisation's entry routes, competency frameworks or ethical code, we use our specialist knowledge of the sector and research-based benchmarking models to help you in the process.

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Developing Entry Routes

Developing Entry RoutesSetting the Standard

Are you looking to develop or review your organisation's entry standards and applications processes? We can review and benchmark your procedures. Consider making changes based on our expertise.
Competency Frameworks

Competency FrameworksEnsuring Your Frameworks Are Fit for Purpose

 Developing or revising a competency framework? We guide, support and evaluate your efforts with a tailored service to ensure your framework is successful.

Our advice on competency frameworks is based on extensive research of the development processes, structure and content of over 35 frameworks used by professional bodies. Discover the pitfalls to avoid and learn from the advice of others.

CPD Provision

Ethical Code AnalysisCommunicating Clearly

We have developed a comprehensive research-based model for analysing ethical codes. Our model helps you to develop a new ethical code from scratch or assess the effectiveness of your current code.

With our support, ensure that your code is clear, consistent and relevant. We help you to consider your audiences, whether your code should be aspirational or enforceable, and whether or not you should provide guidance notes.