BAAT rejoins PARN

PARN Global News Article - 15 November 2012

BAAT rejoins PARN

BAAT rejoins PARN

PARN welcomes BAAT back to the network

British Association of Art Therapists (BAAT)

We're very happy to welcome theBritish Association of Art Therapists(BAAT) back as a member of PARN!

The BAAT is the professional organisation for art therapists in the United Kingdom and has its own Code of Ethics of Professional Practice.

Comprising of 20 regional groups, a European and an international section, it maintains a comprehensive directory of qualified art therapists and works to promote art therapy in the UK.

BAAT was formed in 1964 out of a group of artists and therapists who realised that in order for Art Therapy to develop, and for its value to be more widely appreciated, it was necessary to have a central organisation to which the general public and employing authorities could refer.

BAAT has concentrated its efforts on:

  • Negotiating for members on questions of salary and conditions of employment
  • Suggesting criteria for training courses and standards of professional practice
  • Acting as a forum for ideas and promoting innovations in Art Therapy
  • Organising conferences
  • Publishing journals and newsletters and running a book service
  • Publishing a bibliography
  • Answering questions from the general public, official bodies, the press
  • Amassing a growing body of research

Since 1977, the BAAT has been a non-profit making organisation.