APM Launches New Competence Framework

PARN Global News Article - 3 July 2015

APM Launches New Competence Framework

APM Launches New Competence Framework

The Association for Project Management (APM) has released a new version of their Competence Framework, a comprehensive resource for those in the project management profession and the organisations in which they work. 

The new Framework means that an individual’s expertise and team capabilities can be assessed against common standards for a variety of purposes including self-development, team building and accreditation. The Framework is an independent, authoritative list of the competences required for all these roles.

APM have streamlined and improved the format of the Competence Framework, making it easier to understand and use and update in the future. The updates meet the needs of project management professionals today:

  • The number of competences is refined from 47 to 27
  • 14 role profiles have been developed, which identify the competences that apply to individual roles
  • A specific focus on the widest range of project professionals from programme management, portfolio management and the PMO, including role profiles, make it a modern resource that meets the needs of all today’s project professionals
  • Each competence defines what the practitioner actually needs to be able to do
  • Each competence also has indicators for both ‘knowledge’ and ‘application’, enabling the assessment of both of these factors
  • The scoring matrix has been refined to a five-point scale

As a growing profession, it is increasingly important for project professionals to be able to demonstrate their skills and for organisations to assess their capability.

Gill Hancock, APM's interim Head of Professional Standards and Knowledge, said: “We wanted to produce a resource that reflected the complexity of the modern project management profession. Our new framework can be used by all organisations, irrespective of their size, sector or geographical location, but also by training providers looking to develop learning and development programmes with their corporate clients.”