ACCA to Launch Global Research Into Whistleblowing

PARN Global News Article - 29 October 2015

ACCA to Launch Global Research Into Whistleblowing

ACCA to Launch Global Research Into Whistleblowing

The best approaches to whistleblowing and speaking-up in various corporate situations is to be investigated by world-leading academics to create a best practice guide.

Backed by the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC), the study led by Dr Wim Vanderkerckhove at the University of Greenwich aims to ‘close the gap’ on our knowledge of the practice of whistleblowing and speak-up arrangements in various corporate settings.

Dr Marianna Fotaki of Warwick Business School and Dr Kate Kenny from Queen’s University Belfast will join forces to look at four cases of effective whistleblowing mechanisms: in the UK public sector (NHS Trust), at a multinational engineering firm, at a leading retail bank (UK and Ireland) and within internal audit practices of certain Indonesian government agencies.

Based on in-depth interviews, the researchers intend to explore how companies developed specific whistleblowing policies and why these have proven successful.

Drawing lessons from the stories told, the team will present a series of practical recommendations for employers and employees, policy makers and regulators, and fellow academics working in the field. 
Jo Iwasaki, head of corporate governance at ACCA, said: 'Although we all know the critical importance of having effective whistleblowing mechanisms in place, we still lack in-depth knowledge about how this works in practice. This study will help us close this gap.'

ACCA will publish practical recommendations in June 2016 and a more detailed report for academic audiences over the following summer.


Find out more via the ACCA Website.