Strategy, Management and Operations

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How Do You Resolve Tensions in Your Organisation's Structure?

 Trends in Professional Standards & Regulation 
Our research into the areas of strategy, management and operations has been focused around engagement, growth, finance and human resources issues.

If you're a smaller professional body, take a look at our work into growing pains. We have also carried out projects around internal stakeholders and salaries at professional bodies in the UK.

Improve Your Structures
Professional Standards & Regulation

StakeholdersCan You Please Everyone?

We were supported by 4 PARN Members to research strategic evaluation and management of internal stakeholders.

We addressed the need of professional associations to manage the interests and requests of a wide range of individuals and groups of members, which we labelled as internal stakeholders.

Foundation Degrees

Growing PainsNurturing Your Professional Body

Our members supported us to run a large scale research project which looked at issues related to growth in the professional body sector, particularly for smaller organisations.

Smaller associations shared their experiences and concerns with us, as well as organisations who had already overcome some of those early problems.