Understanding Your Members

What Do Your Members Value?

 Membership Trends 
Members are the focus of activities for all professional bodies as they work to add value and benefit to their membership offer.

Because professional body membership varies as to whether it is compulsory or optional, we have done extensive research to find out why members join professional associations and what they feel is of real value.

From our research, learn about good practice in member services and how you can keep your members happy.

Find Out What Members Want
Managing Member Networks

Managing Member NetworksOvercoming Key Issues

The rise of social media hasn't diminished the importance of physical member networks like regional branches or special interest groups. 

We investigated key issues professional bodies face when managing their member networks, with the support of our own member organisations.

New Approaches to Member Relations

New Approaches to Member RelationsCommunicating the Value of Membership

Our New Approaches to Member Relations research project looked at how professional bodies feel about their member relations, how they communicate the value of membership, the campaigns they employ to engage members, and the ways in which they survey their members.

The research findings are available as a publication, Engaging & Retaining Your Members.

Why Join?

Why Join?What Makes Professionals Join a Professional Body?

If membership is not a statutory requirement, what makes professionals join a professional body?

How do professionals choose which professional body to join and which benefits and strategies encourage them to become members? We carried out research with successful professional bodies to find the answers.

Social Networking

Social NetworkingStaying Professional Online

We wanted to understand how today’s professionals are engaging with social networking technologies - especially in terms of how their interactions translate from the home to work environment.

In our Fast Facts report, we present a selection of our findings from 7,000+ professionals we surveyed about their use and perception of social networking.