About the Research

We researched practices that would create mutually beneficial links between professional bodies and higher education institutions (HEIs), as well as other education and training suppliers in relation to CPD.

We looked into how professional bodies and higher education institutions can improve their communication and understanding, as well as their joint working policies. In particular, we looked at how HEIs and professional bodies are working together in relation to CPD and what each side thinks of these partnerships. 

This research was funded by the Department for Innovations, Universities and Skills (now the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills) and was conducted in partnership with The Training Gateway.


How did we carry out the project?

We collected information through:

Case studies 

10 HEIs, 10 professional bodies and 5 other non-HEI CPD suppliers


One survey tailored to professional bodies and one survey tailored to HEIs

Literature Review

Covering HEI websites and promotional material


What did we find?

Read the summary report, 'CPD and Higher Education Institutions' under your free reports if you're a member of ours! Just head to the CPD section.