Measuring and Communicating the Impact of CPD [pdf]

Published in autumn 2021, this report epitomises PARN's latest research project, which focused on measuring and communicating the impact of CPD, both on society and professionals.

Drawing from the results of a survey of the UK general public, we explore the value of CPD to society, paying particular attention to discerning the CPD impact on service users and effects on consumer confidence. A key question here is whether service users are more likely to hire an individual who does the CPD, and how do they become aware of this.

We also explore the value of CPD to professionals. This includes understanding what value professionals place on CPD, barriers and motivations for engaging with CPD and perceived impact of CPD. Reporting on results of a survey of professional bodies, we will look at how professional bodies come to know what value CPD holds, how they communicate this value and who they communicate this value to.

This report is intended to encourage the sector to recognise all the different beneficiaries of CPD (members, consumers, employers, profession), to actively seek to understand the value of CPD to these groups and to build their CPD provision based on this knowledge.

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