Engaging & Retaining Your Members [digital]

Engaging & Retaining Your Members (2013)
Christina Williams (2013)

Engaging & Retaining Your Members is an investigation of how real professional bodies deal with real membership issues.

Today professional bodies are very focused on member recruitment, retention and engagement. Professional bodies think they could be doing better at member relations, at communicating the value of membership to potential members and persuading their current members that remaining a member is essential. They would like their members to be more engaged, and they feel that the landscape of membership is changing, as the younger generation rise through the ranks bringing with them new technologies, new ways of communicating with each other, new perceptions of what it means to belong to a community of practice, and new expectations of their professional body. 

This book takes a look at how professional bodies are operating within the context of these concerns. It reveals many professional bodies are in the same boat, with the same issues and the same concerns. It describes some examples of interesting practice in the engagement and retention of members, and it reveals insecurities around the communication of the value of membership.

Additionally, this book builds upon another research based publication by PARN:
Raising the Value of Professional Body Membership (2011)

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