About the Research

We undertook a research project to gain a perspective on the range of existing ethical codes and to develop principles of good practice for writing codes.

Our research findings are useful if you're planning to revise your code. If you're a newly professionalising occupations, the findings will show you what other professions do and help you follow good practice principles.

How did we carry out the project?

  • We analysed the ethical codes of 52 professional bodies in the UK
  • We held a workshop for professional bodies to discuss the research
  • A further 20 codes were analysed as the model was developed further

What did we find?

Read the findings and in-depth analysis in our publication, Analysing Ethical Codes of UK Professional Associations.


"We found the publication useful, and then Andy [CEO of PARN] ran a workshop for us which helped the staff understand the book. The report went to the national congress and PARN's help was instrumental in approving the go-ahead to the next stage. The consultancy drew successfully on research work and really added value."
- Rupert Grayson, CEO
  Engineers Australia